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Brennan's 2023 Summer Interns

Can Hydraulic Fittings Be Reused?

Quality Hydraulics are Critical in Municipalities

How to Connect Hydraulic Fittings 

Three Major Trends in the Global Supply Chain

AI: The New Game Changer for Manufacturers

How to Take Advantage of IoT and AI Capabilities

Are Hydraulic Fittings NPT?

How and Where are Push-to-Connect Fittings Used

Brennan to Acquire SRM Industries

How to Replace O-Rings in Hydraulic Couplers

4 Considerations When Measuring Hydraulic Hose

Autonomous Earth Moving Equipment: Like Something Out Of A Movie?

How Hydraulic Flow Control and Components Regulate Speed

The Landscape of Hybrid Construction Equipment

John Deere Selects 8 Companies for its 2023 Startup Collaborator

Women Who Are Making a Difference in STEM

Shipping Errors: The Customer Relationship Killer

How to Fix Leaking Hydraulic Fittings

The Cat’s Out of the Box – Hose Box at the ConExpo Brennan Booth!

How to Identify BSP and NPT Fittings

How to Seal Hydraulic Fittings

What to Look for in Hydraulic Hose Manufacturers

Hydraulics in Parade Floats: History, Celebration and Floats

Mixing Brass and Stainless-Steel Fittings

MRO Aviation on Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

How a Hydraulic System Works

Brass Vs. Stainless Steel Fittings

ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023

3 Choices of Hydraulic Hose

How to Assemble and Tighten JIC 37 Degree Fittings

The Status of the Carbon Tax and Compliancy

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Brennan Gave to Me...

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2022

Metric Hydraulic Fittings: DIN, JIS and Komatsu

Role of Electronics and Mechanics in Hydraulics

The Predominance of Metric Hydraulic Fittings Throughout the World

Shortcuts Have No Place in Practicing Safe Maintenance

Farm to Table: This Thanksgiving Brought to You by Hydraulics

What Type and Size of Hose Clamp Do I Need?

How the Environment is Impacting Hydraulics

What Does the Future of Global Manufacturing Look Like?

Three Posts to Help Your Supply Chain Blues

Popular Hydraulic Fitting Types

JIC Versus ORFS Fittings

4 Pipe Flange Alignment Tools for Industrial Applications

Brennan Industries Unveils New UK Facility

4 Styles and 5 Advantages of Brass Fittings

Brennan Industries' CEO Recognized for Smart Business Magazines' Smart 50 Awards!

3 Primary Steps in Troubleshooting Hydraulic Systems

9 Things About O-Rings and O-Ring Fittings

Instrumentation and Hydraulics in Oil and Gas Wellhead Control Panels

Why Quality Components are More Important Than Ever

16 Industries Using Hydraulics

Why Hydraulics will Stand Strong to Rising Inflation

Two Proactive Strategies for Dealing with Inflation, Labor Shortages & Supply Issues

Brennan Attends Solon Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Outing

Importance of Traceability in Industrial Products

How to Increase Supply Chain Visibility with Improved Data and Analytics

Hydraulics Touch Nearly Every Facet of Our Lives

Rising Material Costs: The Impact and Considerations to Stem the Tide

How the Distributor and Supplier Relationship can Improve Supply Chain Disruption

Understanding the Two Types of Tube Fittings

Questions to Ask Yourself When Selecting a Hose Fitting

The Importance of Contamination Control in Hydraulics

O-Ring Face Seal Vs. O-Ring Boss

DIN Flange Vs. ANSI Flange

Are Stainless Steel and Brass Fittings Compatible?

OEM and Tier Suppliers: What a Tangled Web They Weave

In What Ways Will the Aviation Industry Change?

Issues in Overseas Manufacturing, Tariffs, and the Supply Chain

What is the Best O-ring Material for Hydraulic Fluid?

How Brennan is Addressing Leading Issues in the Fluid Power Industry

Drum Roll, Please: Announcing Our Fittings 101 Contest Winner

Brennan's 2022 Summer Interns

Brennan's Kenston High School Senior Experience

What Role Does Temperature Play in Hydraulic Hoses?

Optimizing the Supply and Demand for Current and Future Markets

Braided Hydraulic Hoses Versus Spiral: Which to Use?

The Lab at Brennan Supports Particulate Contamination Testing

Why Fluid Conductors are Essential

Types of Fittings for Hoses

Are Your Hydraulic Hose, Tubing and Fittings Compatible?

A Nickel for Your Thoughts: How Russia's Invasion of Ukraine is Impacting Stainless Steel

Fittings 101 Social Media Contest

Ensure Your Process Valves are IIoT-Ready

4 Key Points to the Advantages of Hydraulics in Agriculture

What are All the Valve Types Within Process Systems?

Motion Industries Acquires Kaman Distribution Group

Instrumentation in Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Production

Why are Superalloys the Only Choice in Many Applications?

Hydraulic Hoses for Heavy Lifting and Handling Equipment

Brennan Updates Two New Facilities

Why Measuring Temperature with RTDs is Important for Hydraulic Systems

Key Materials Used in Pneumatic Hoses and Tubing

What Is DOT Compliance?

Should You Use Teflon Tape on Brass Fittings?

Did You See Brennan in Fluid Power World?

Pipe Flanges: Types, Styles & Applications

Safeguarding Demanding Applications with Hydraulic Flange Connections

Hydraulics in Oil and Gas Operations

Brennan’s Findings Concerning Remote Work and Logistic Pileups

Poly Alloy Vs. Brass PEX Fittings

Automated Retractable Chemical Injection Quills

What You Need to Know About Applications for Stainless Steel Fittings

Why Certain Tube Fitting Connections Are Better Than Others

Material Selection Mistakes Can Lead to Disaster

Why Aircraft Service Support is Necessary for Aerospace

Global Distribution of Hydraulic Fittings

The Evolution of Aerial Refueling Solutions

Hydraulic Hose: Color Coding, Ferrules & Skiving

Customer Experience: Seamless Manufacturer - Distributor Interaction

Data Sharing to Enhance the Customer Experience

The Impact of COVID-19 on Supply Chains

Hydraulic System Troubleshooting and Safety Precautions

Maintainable Hydraulic System Design: Redundant Systems

Understanding BSP Adapter Pressure Ratings

Understanding BSPP Parallel and BSPT Tapered Threads

What's the Difference Between BSP and NPT Thread Styles?

The Proper Way to Select Primary Instrumentation Components

Markets and Applications for Instrumentation Valves & Fittings

How the Instrumentation Market is Growing and What to Expect

What It Means to be Nadcap Accredited

Breaking Down Cybersecurity Requirements in Aerospace and Defense

The Purpose of Aerospace & Defense Certifications and Regulations

Aerospace Certified Components in Successful Space Missions

How BI Verify Nearly Eliminates Shipping Errors

Different Materials and Configurations of Push-to-Connect Fittings

The True Role of Agriculture in Our Daily Lives

What is a D.O.T. Air Brake Fitting?

Air Brake Components in Trucks and Buses

How Women Help Shape the Growth of Manufacturing

Why Are Air Brakes the Safest Option for Commercial Vehicles?

Equipment Electrification in Mobile Hydraulics

Industrial Internet of Things in Hydrualics

What Types of Hydraulic Fluids are Used in Aircraft?

The Significance of Pressure and Temperature in Aerospace Hydraulics

The Vital Role of Hydraulic Systems in Aircrafts

Looking Back on 2020

Identifying the Components Within an Aircraft's Hydraulic System

What are the Aerospace Supply Chain Tiers?

5 Major Segments of U.S. Aerospace and Defense Market

Brennan's Canadian Manufacturing Facility Now ISO Certified

The Impact of Aerospace & Defense on the U.S. Economy

The Role of Women in Manufacturing, Engineering and the Sciences

Brennan Begins Corporate Wellness Challenge

Taking the Day to Say 'Thank You' To Our HR Team

Advantages of Forged Steel Fittings Versus Other Processes

Why Choose Forged Over Brazed Fittings?

A Comparison of Forged vs Brazed Fittings

The Proven Benefits of a Distributed Manufacturing Model

Becoming More Agile With a Distributed Manufacturing Model

A Comparison of Distribution Methods: Conventional vs Distributed

Now Offering Curbside Pick-up!

How Distributed Manufacturing is Evolving Business

Brennan Opens Doors to New Global Headquarters Facility

Follow These Guidelines When Designing Your Hydraulic System

Designing Hydraulic Fittings and Flanges into a System

Drain Lines, Valves, Filters, Lines and Pumps in a Hydraulic System

A Quick Guide to Selecting Components for Your Hydraulic System

Why the Design of A Hydraulic System Matters

Considerations for Proper Hydraulic Component Selection

Understanding Lockout & Tagout Safety Procedures

Brennan Moves Toward a More Environmentally Friendly Workspace

The Importance of Being Proactive With Corrective Hydraulic Maintenance

See You at the 2020 Offshore Technology Conference

Do You Have an Effective Preventative Maintenance Plan?

Keeping Safe Hydraulic System Maintenance Top of Mind

When Industrial Marketing Became Digital Customer Service

COVID19: Keeping your business 'in business' the safest way possible

Women's Rise in Manufacturing

Brennan University: Hydraulic Fitting Identification Made Easy

Come See Brennan at NAHAD 2020

Global Headquarters Construction Update

ConExpo-Con/Agg 2020— See You There!

What It Means To Be ITAR Compliant

Code 61/Code 62 Caterpillar® Flange & Komatsu Flange Fittings

Crucial Components to Aerospace & Defense Market Entry

International Flanges: GAZ Poclain 24° Flange

International Thread Types: Japanese Pipe Threads

International Flanges: JIS 4-Bolt

International Thread Types: DIN German Connections

International Flanges: DIN 4-Bolt

International Thread Types: British Threads

Why You Should Be Adopting More Effective E-Commerce Strategies

Using Technology to Maximize the Value of Your Distribution Network

Effectively Nurturing and Sharing High Quality Leads

New DIN Cap & Plug Kits are Bigger and Stronger Than Ever

Using Real-Time Information to Create a 'Smart' Supply Chain

How a Strong Manufacturer-Distributor Relationship Increases Value and Productivity

4 Ways You Should Be Benefiting from Your Supplier Relationships

Identifying Hidden Cost Overruns in Your Supply Chain

Strong Supply Chain. Strong Business.

From Intimidation to Collaboration in Supplier Relationships

With Heavy Hearts, David D. Carr

The Role of Procurement in Fragmentation

FedEx SameDay® City Service is Being Tested at Brennan

How Big Data Will Create Leverage for Supply Chains

Brennan to Acquire Miric Engineering

Managing Fragmentation and Remaining Competitive

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