Posted on December 21, 2022

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2022

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This year was full of industry happenings and highlights. 2022 is a year most of us won't forget. Here are the most read blog posts from Brennan this year:


#1 – What Does the Future of Global Manufacturing Look Like?

After all the changes this year, there have been many questions concerning global manufacturing. From climate change to finding skilled workers, there are many topics of discussion. Learn More

#2 – Why Quality Components are More Important Than Ever

From small devices to heavy loads, hydraulics is used everywhere. With rising fuel costs and other inflation impacts, efficiency is key. That's why quality components are more important than ever! In this blog post, we discuss why hydraulic components are not always created equal. Learn More

#3 – What is the Best O-ring Material for Hydraulic Fluid?

O-rings should never be taken for granted. Material selection is extremely important, but is often overlooked. Learn about the materials available in this blog post. Learn More

#4 – The Impact of COVID-19 on Supply Chains

Today's companies must be more strategic when managing how they obtain materials and get their products to market. The one thing we can almost count on in this life is continual change, so having plans and being as malleable as possible will serve the manufacturing industry well. Especially with supply chain complications, a company's success relies heavily on its preparedness and ability to respond promptly and efficiently. Learn More

#5 – DIN Flange Vs. ANSI Flange

For those demanding, high-pressure applications, hydraulic flanges are often used. But what is the difference between all these flanges? Read about the different types of flanges, specifically the DIN flange the the ANSI flange, in this blog post. Learn More

#6 – Material Selection Mistakes Can Lead to Disaster

Choosing a material that fits within the overall hydraulic system design is essential. History shows that an O-ring failure led to seven lives lost during a space mission in 1986. Therefore, the environment's temperature must be considered when selecting materials. A metal-to-metal seal, for example, may be the best choice based on the environment's temperature alone. Learn More

#7 – Hose: Color Coding, Ferrules & Skiving

Hydraulic hose and hose fittings perform a vast number of functions and are quite literally the arteries of the hydraulic system. There are different grades and types of hoses required for an array of industrial and mechanical applications. The hoses are selected based upon a number of variables. The choice of one or two-piece hose fittings is determined based on the application. Learn More

#8 – Industrial Internet of Things in Hydraulics

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few decades and has evolved exponentially with the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things. The advancements have impacted hydraulics and pneumatics significantly. Smart devices and cloud analytics help with data collection, visualizing trends and catching issues in their infancy. Learn More

#9 – The True Role of Agriculture in Our Daily Lives

From the field to the barn, to our kitchen table and everywhere in between, it all starts down on the farm. As our population continues to grow, farmers are required to produce more and more. Like everyone else over the last couple of years, farmers are feeling the burn. With the rising cost of gasoline, the pandemic and inflation, farmers have been significantly affected. So, we too will feel the weight since agriculture impacts all of us. Learn More

#10 – Data Sharing to Enhance the Customer Experience

Manufacturers and distributors need each other. One makes the product, the other gets it to market. With the improvements in technology, the distributor no longer has to waste a stamp and mail their order to the factory. The ability to share data makes the trip for a nut and bolt from the lathe to Jimmy’s red wagon as seamless as possible. Learn More


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