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Posted on August 08, 2016

Reduce Costs with Proper Hydraulic System Maintenance

There is a lot to consider for an effective hydraulic system maintenance program. Though hydraulics can be complex systems, it is best to keep the program simple, have a plan and follow it. Remember that hydraulic fluid and systems are dependent on each other, so it’s critical to ensure procedures are put into place for both.

Posted on July 13, 2016

Controlling Hydraulic Fluid Contamination

Hydraulic fluid acts as the lubricant between moving parts and often provides the necessary resistance in components.  Heavy equipment that is exposed to harsh and temperature fluctuating environments such as off-road earth moving equipment and farming equipment require regular monitoring of hydraulic fluid contamination.  In an industrial plant, the machinery that encounters regular actuation or travel may also be subject to contaminates.
Hydraulic fluids are formulated with additives developed for the specific application.  These additives are typically made by companies who specialize in petroleum based materials.  Additive manufactures develop specialized additives made specifically for hydraulic oil for construction equipment.  The additives consist of chemical compounds that protect the base stock of natural mineral oil-based fluids.


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