Posted on December 24, 2022

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Brennan Gave to Me...

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Regardless of which winter holidays you celebrate, we have TWELVE helpful resources for you to bring into the new year.


On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Brennan Gave to Me... TWELVE Brennan Kits

Did you know Brennan offers twelve helpful Thread Identification and Cap & Plug Kits? You've purchased gifts for everyone on your list, but there's nothing wrong with buying a gift for yourself, too. Learn More

ELEVEN Major Advantages of Flanges & Flange Fittings

There are many major advantages to using flanges and flange fittings. Learn eleven benefits to using these fittings in your hydraulic system design. Learn More

The Top TEN Blog Posts of 2022

As we look back on 2022, here are the top ten blogs of the year to prepare you for another year of success! Learn More

NINE Things About O-Rings & O-Ring Fittings

Brennan is a source for all things fluid power, including O-rings and O-ring fittings. Here are nine things you need to know about O-rings. Learn More

EIGHT Alloys for Carbon Steel

All alloy steels are made from carbon steel, combined with other metals to create specific properties that allow for increased hardness, strength and/or corrosion resistance. Learn about eight of these alloys and the characteristics they provide. Learn More

SEVEN Common Reasons Why O-Rings & Seals Fail

O-rings are essential to hydraulic systems, but they are not immune to failure. Be aware of these seven reasons that can cause your O-rings to fail, so you're prepared in the event of an emergency. Learn More

SIX Benefits of Push to Connect Fittings

Push to Connect fittings are much easier to use compared to compression fittings. Find out six benefits of using push to connect fittings! Learn More

FIVE Things You Should Know About O-Rings & Face Seal Fittings

Five golden rings? How about five things you should know about O-rings! Learn More

FOUR Seals for Reducing Contamination in Hydraulic Systems

Reducing contamination in hydraulic systems is crucial to avoid damaging pumps, motors and cylinders. Here are four seals to keep you running smoothly!
Learn More

THREE Easy Steps to Measure Threads

Learn how to identify hydraulic fittings in just three easy steps, with only three tools required! Learn More

TWO Proactive Strategies for Dealing with Inflation, Labor Shortages & Supply Issues

Investing in technology and focusing on your current workforce are two priorities to consider to weather the storm of faltering economic recovery. While the industry is scrambling to deal with continued supply shortages, increasing commodity prices and higher wages, here's how you can stay ahead of the competition. Learn More

& ONE Supplier for All Your Needs

Don't use multiple vendors to fulfill your hydraulic needs! This can lead to logistics headaches and increased costs. Consolidate your suppliers and vendors with Brennan. We offer a comprehensive, customer-focused approach-- bringing you value and quality all in one company.  Learn More


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