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Posted on June 02, 2022

How Brennan is Addressing Leading Issues in the Fluid Power Industry

Caelin Mills
Written by

Caelin Mills

Brennan is committed to addressing the leading issues within the fluid power industry for our customers. Whatever struggles you and your customers might be facing, Brennan has a program to help solve those problems. Read more about our four flagship programs below: BI Verify, BI Identify, BI Perform and BI Supply. 


BI Verify Logo-2

Are your current vendors shipping incorrectly, leading to delays in production while you wait for the correct parts? Order errors are costly, inefficient and can lead to downtime. BI Verify, our proprietary semi-automated weight counter order verification system, reduces the occurrence of order errors to near zero. 

Many fittings look similar, but vary in weight. The scales used in our distribution centers ensure you are receiving the correct parts by verifying the weight of each part. BI Verify makes sure you can keep building and fulfilling your customers’ orders on time.  

bi identify logo final

Are you stocking similar parts incorrectly, leading you to use incorrect parts in production? BI Identify helps you verify correct parts and eliminate wrong parts during your purchasing process. To go the extra mile, we will help you identify the correct parts, label the bins correctly and confirm if there is a better product to use than what you’re currently stocking.

If you are using multiple parts to make a connection, or daisy chaining, we can assess if we have a part that can minimize your leak points with a single connection—or make one specifically for your application. Our engineering department can work with you to customize standard fittings and non-off-the-shelf parts.  

bi perform logo final

Are you using multiple vendors to fulfill your hydraulic needs, leading to increased costs? Consolidate your suppliers and vendors with BI Perform. Brennan offers the same or better performance than leading global competitors, with a comprehensive, customer-focused approach—bringing you value and quality all in one company.

We will help identify the parts you’re using from different manufacturers—we have cross referenced part numbers to over 30 different suppliers within the industry! Not only do we work with you to determine the best fitting for your application, but after the sale, our customer service and technical support experts are ready to assist you at any time. If you need prints, Brennan has over 10,000 CAD drawings available in over 150 formats 

bi supply logo final

Are your current suppliers unable to keep up with your product demands? Are you facing backorders and delayed lead times? Alleviate logistics issues and supply chain disruptions with BI Supply. Eliminate stock out issues with Brennan’s Safety Stock Agreement. By providing us your forecasts, we will stock your needed products accordingly—from the most used part to the least used part to ensure you don’t face supply chain disruptions. By partnering with Brennan, we will guarantee availability of your safety stock—so if you need it, you will have it.  

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