Posted on April 29, 2021

How BI Verify Nearly Eliminates Shipping Errors

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Ensuring customers are receiving the correct order is an integral part of business. Shipping the incorrect parts has a negative outcome for everyone. In order to realize the true impact this has on both the business and the customer; you have to understand what issues arise on both ends.

One of the obvious impacts of shipping errors is a frustrated customer. If a company isn’t sending their customers the correct product on time, this can create tension which could affect future sales.

For the customer, the downtime that comes with waiting for the correct product can result in lost money. For the seller, there are major costs in having to replace one or many products. Expedited shipping, labor costs from having to replace the order, and repackaging costs, are just a few of the possible factors that can increase replacement costs on incorrect orders.

The time it takes to replace an order affects both the customer and the seller. There is a good chance when the customer is placing an order, they’re requiring their product in a timely manner in order to keep their business running as usual. When a seller makes a mistake, this can leave an impact on the customers business. Time is also taken from the seller when order picking gets backed up in the warehouse in order to catch up on replacement orders.

There are many people who can get wrapped up in the order replacement process which distracts from work they could otherwise be doing for new orders. These wasted resources can extend from the warehouse staff spending time on order replacement, time CSRs have to spend helping correct the issue instead of working with new customers, the potential paperwork and accounting that will need done, and many other possible wasted resources.

There are many other ways shipping errors could affect business, and all of these factors add up quicker than one may realize. As part of Brennan’s promise for excellent customer service, we created an order system known as BI Verify.

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BI Verify
BI verify is a semi-automated weight counting system developed by Brennan Industries. This new system nearly eliminates Brennan’s shipping errors. It allows for instant and accurate count verification and visual verification of parts, as well as creating an additional audit trail of everything leaving the warehouse. Since implementing BI Verify, we’ve reduced errors by 81% which took our error rate from 0.08% to 0.01%. 

BI Verify serves as a last double-check that shipped orders are accurate and that costly mistakes are avoided. It is systems and processes like BI Verify and others that ensure a total lower cost for Brennan customers by removing hidden costs of inefficiencies. This means that when you order from Brennan, you will receive the correct product and quantity almost 100% of the time which is a promise only Brennan can make.


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