Posted on November 04, 2022

Three Posts to Help Your Supply Chain Blues

John Joyce
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John Joyce

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Supply Chain

Supply chain problems are increasing, creating a worry for manufacturers as new regulations emerge. The economic and political climate is causing problems with production forecasting and creating challenges with logistics. Higher manufacturing costs can drive up the prices of essential products and create shortages in availability.


While supply shortage woes don’t look like they’re going away anytime soon, here are three posts to help you to combat these issues:

How the Distributor and Supplier Relationship can Improve Supply Chain Disruption

Building your distributor and supplier relationship is crucial, as it can improve supply chain disruption. From implementing innovative technologies to increasing collaboration, you can learn how this relationship is critical, now more than ever.

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Using Real-Time Information to Create a ‘Smart’ Supply Chain

The industrial supply chain has been changing for some time and the need to evolve has increased tremendously. Learn about the technologies that are impacting operations and how you can optimize your communication platform to improve supply chain performance.

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How to Increase Supply Chain Visibility with Improved Data Analytics

Technology has enabled manufacturers to view shipments in real-time, while gaining more transparency on inventory. As new technologies and capabilities emerge, the effective use of these tools is key to truly combat supply chain issues.

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Never has an issue with supply chain management been so prominent, which is why Brennan is committed to helping and informing our customers. The era of predictable unpredictability seems to be going away, although freight transportation and supply chain processes will continue to change. Subscribe to our blog to stay up to date.

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