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Posted on August 23, 2023

Harnessing the Power of Data: Exploring Smart Hydraulic Systems

John Joyce
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John Joyce

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As technology continues to advance, hydraulic systems are also evolving. The integration of advanced technology has opened up new possibilities for hydraulic systems, bringing forth enhanced capabilities and a promising future for diverse industries. In this rapidly changing landscape, it is crucial to recognize the abundance of data that smart technology provides to organizations. 

What are smart hydraulic systems? 

The integration of sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced software, hydraulic solenoid systems and other cutting-edge technologies provides sophisticated capabilities. Although hydraulic systems are already powerful, incorporating technology elevates their performance and empowers operators with increased control. By harnessing the IoT, facilities can access vast amounts of real-time data, enabling them to make informed operational improvements. This wealth of data facilitates comprehensive analysis and swift adaptation to drive positive change. 

Implementing smart hydraulic systems goes beyond benefiting individual companies; it brings advantages that encompass improved safety, increased productivity, enhanced efficiency and the promotion of sustainable operations for everyone in the supply chain. These systems have the potential to drive improvements across various business segments, creating a positive impact on overall performance and outcomes. 

smart hydraulic systems and data

Improving safety and efficiency  

In manufacturing facilities, ensuring safety is of the utmost importance. The integration of the IoT in hydraulic systems brings numerous benefits in this regard. Manufacturing facilities can gather a wealth of information about their hydraulic systems, enabling them to monitor and maintain equipment conditioning proactively. 

One key advantage of IoT-enabled hydraulic systems is preventing equipment breakdowns. By continuously monitoring temperature, pressure, fluid levels and vibration, potential issues can be detected early. This allows maintenance to take proactive measures, such as addressing minor issues before they escalate into significant failures. By preventing equipment breakdowns, manufacturing facilities can significantly enhance safety by reducing the risk of accidents or unplanned production disruptions. 

Additionally, the data provided by IoT-enabled hydraulic systems can improve efficiency. By analyzing the data, facilities can identify patterns, trends and other metrics that can be used to optimize the operation of hydraulic systems. For example, by monitoring energy consumption and system efficiency, facilities can identify opportunities for energy savings and process improvements. 

smart hydraulic systems

Eco-friendly operations 

Companies using traditional hydraulics face increasing regulatory pressure to adopt more sustainable practices. By integrating advanced technology within hydraulic systems, companies can explore eco-friendly alternatives and reduce their environmental footprint. Smart hydraulics can help companies in their efforts to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. 

To achieve lower emissions, companies are incorporating sensors that minimize nonessential idle time, optimizing energy usage. In addition, smart hydraulic systems provide alternatives to non-eco-friendly resources, further contributing to environmentally conscious operations. 


The implementation of smart hydraulic systems offers significant advantages, including improved safety for workers, increased operational efficiency and the ability to function more sustainably. By embracing technology, companies can become more adaptable, advanced and versatile. 


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