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Posted on April 25, 2022

The Lab at Brennan Supports Particulate Contamination Testing

John Joyce
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John Joyce

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Company Updates


Brennan Industries is excited to announce the construction of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14644 Cleanroom Standard Class 8 has been completed to support a Technical Cleanliness Lab for particulate contamination testing.


Cleanliness where it’s needed the most

Controlled environments, such as cleanrooms, provide just that control to perform contamination-sensitive activities. This is specifically important to the aerospace industry where traceability, quality, safety and compliance are top concerns.

How it began

We started this initiative years ago when we saw segments of the fluid power industry take cleanliness seriously. Automotive OEMs, in particular, began following required ISO cleanliness compliance, dating back to the early 2000s. Demand grew within the engineering community, and cleanliness within hydraulic and fluid circuit systems became top of mind.

Minimizing downtime and enhancing quality

The growing consensus was and still is focused on meeting higher cleanliness standards to minimize downtime. We continue to launch internal cleanliness initiatives within our manufacturing sites, relying on internal and third-party labs to validate and test products. We work with industry-leading companies, like Glaser, Inc., Jomesa NA, Inc. and Keyence Corporation, to ensure we are investing in cutting-edge equipment and expertise.

The deployment and use of The Lab further establishes us as an industry leader based on our constant commitment to quality. The Lab is equipped with an ISO Class 8 cleanroom, where our highly trained team works with state-of-the art equipment to process technical cleanliness guidelines according to VDA 19 and ISO16232.

The Lab’s technical particle testing capabilities allow us to test all our product jump sizes, validate our cleanliness processes within our manufacturing sites and allow our customers to know the products they receive from Brennan are designed, machined and tested to the highest industry standards.

Our cleanliness inspection workflow consists of the following steps:


  •  Extract
  • Filter
  • Dry and weigh


  • Acquire images and move the stage
  • Detect particles
  • Measure the particle size
  • Classify particles
  • Extrapolate particle count
  • Normalize particle count
  • Calculate contamination level

With high precision processes, we meet government and industry standards. To learn more, contact us at our corporate headquarters.



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