Posted on January 27, 2022

Did You See Brennan in Fluid Power World?

John Joyce
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John Joyce

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When you read Brennan’s blog, you’ll notice that we focus a lot on fittings for your hydraulic system. It’s because there are so many choices, and it’s critical that you understand them to determine what’s best for your application.

A hydraulic system can be under several thousand pounds of pressure. Fittings are important to ensuring there are no leaks since they can be dangerous to those who are around the system. The design of the system is the first line of defense, which is why Fluid Power World published our article on “How to Find the Right Fittings for Your Hydraulic System.”

John Joyce, Brennan marketing director, wrote about why you should use a flange, the common types of flange fittings and components, how ORFS fittings are reliable, causes of hydraulic system leakage and how to find what’s right for you.

One of the key pieces to note from the article is collaboration with your supplier. The right products are available for your system. Just make sure you are looking for best-in-class products from certified manufacturers who can respond quickly to your growing needs while meeting and exceeding industry standards. Even in the harshest environments, the design and durability of each fitting will assure long-lasting service.

Meet the Subject Matter Expert

Joyce has been with Brennan for more than six years, and his role consists of leading the company’s marketing initiatives. Because of Joyce’s expertise and industry knowledge, his team increased leads and doubled Brennan’s revenue within two years by providing valuable content to its global audience.

Joyce writes on a variety of topics. Some of those include the following blog posts:

Learn More at Brennan University

To learn more about hydraulic fittings, visit Brennan University’s Fittings 101. The basics for determining your fittings for your hydraulic system is right here. From the most common information to the most complex, you’ll be able to determine what is needed for your application by watching the videos and downloading the content.

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