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Posted on February 23, 2023

The Cat’s Out of the Box – Hose Box at the ConExpo Brennan Booth!

John Joyce
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John Joyce

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You may have heard that Brennan will be attending ConExpo in Las Vegas next month.

However, you may not know that if you stop by the Brennan booth, you can also learn more about Hose Box!


Hose Box has been a work in progress for four years, focusing on meeting customers where they are and avoiding downtime by offering sets of pre-made hoses and fittings in a waterproof, dustproof, durable case.

“They can be in a facility, a farmer’s workbench, a service truck- anyone who wants to have an organized resource to get their adapters and not work out of a coffee can, if you will… that doesn’t meet their needs,” says Hose Box founder Perry Detton.

The intuitive package design offers added value, with color-coordinated tiles and the opportunity to learn the names, types and series of different fittings. The case also features a QR code linking to partner site learnfittings.com, an additional resource with educational information about the parts.

“What we are doing is simplifying the process,” Detton explains, “The kits assist employees and customers alike, whether they’re the owner of a construction company down to his maintenance workers.”

A person can purchase the Hydraulic Emergency Kit, Fittings Tower, or choose an a la carte Easy Pack. Individual Easy Packs (JIC, NPT, BSPT, etc.) are available separate from the Fittings Tower, offering
more versatility.

Hose Box is eager to share their solutions and is strategically creating a dealer network, offering drop shipping and wholesaling kits to resellers. Brennan is excited to collaborate with Hose Box to offer high-quality JIC, NPT and Face Seal fittings in the Hose Box product line. 

Consider this: you find yourself with an after-hours hydraulic failure- it’s 1:00 PM on a Saturday and the store is closed! If you have four employees and three pieces of equipment at $710.00 per hour of billable time, 12 hours of downtime will result in a loss of over $8,500!

Be prepared for your next project and give yourself peace of mind to be able to drive into town and replace your hoses and fittings when it’s convenient for your business operations. Stop by Brennan Booth S83218 at ConExpo to learn how Hose Box can be a resource for your team. Ready to buy? Visit hosebox.com!

Interested in More Information About Hose Box?


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