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Posted on December 02, 2020

Brennan's Canadian Manufacturing Facility Now ISO Certified

Ally Pulskamp
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Ally Pulskamp

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Company Updates

The past couple of years have been years of growth and change for Brennan— from the construction of a new Global Headquarters facility, to updates in layout and processes in our facilities across the globe. Most recently, Brennan's Canadian Manufacturing facility has undergone new changes and a new layout to support a more efficient way of doing business and continued growth. With these changes, the facility was able to receive its ISO certification this November. 

What's new on the floor?

  • All of the 2nd operations machines were moved into a flow grid that will naturally follow up on the 1st operations machines
  • A new quarantine cage was created
  • A new Quality Control staging area was created from scratch
  • 2 new CNC machines were installed alongside the 2 preexisting ones  
  • An ACME machine was recently installed
  • We created an entire new process of routing books, and along with this, installed new workbenches for each of the 10 Brown & Sharpe machines
  • We implemented a 5S system housecleaning, reorganized the entire floor including the shipping receiving area
  • All shelving and racking was reorganized  by placing the shelving and racking in a way that will create space for moving the materials flow
  • All the tape lines on the floor were installed for guidance, health & safety 

Along with physical changes to the facility,  new communication processes have been implemented such as board meetings, board communication on the floor in two spaces, and a newly remodeled assembly area to support these gatherings. 

The Canadian Manufacturing Facility also  just received its ISO certification in November of this year.
"Using ISO 9001 helps ensure that customers get consistent, good-quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits." (ISO.org.)

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