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Posted on March 21, 2024

Brennan and UCT Fluid Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership for Instrumentation Components

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Brennan Industries, Inc. (Brennan), a leading manufacturer in hydraulic, pneumatic and instrumentation fittings, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with UCT Fluid Solutions with the Ham-Let portfolio of products and solutions.  Originating in Israel in 1950, UCT specializes in gas instrumentation fittings, valves, manifolds and innovative solutions designed for the ultra-high purity and process industries. 


"We are delighted to announce to our valued customers and partners that Brennan has expanded its product offerings with UCT throughout Canada and the western and southeastern regions of the United States.  This partnership underscores our dedication to providing top-quality products and services,” David Carr, president and CEO of Brennan, said. “By incorporating Ham-let products into our portfolio, we are enhancing the options available to our customers, further strengthening their reliance on Brennan. This strategic collaboration not only reinforces our commitment to excellence but also unlocks new opportunities for growth in key sectors. We are excited about the prospects this alliance brings and look forward to continued success together." hamlet-introleft-prodimg

“Our partnership with Brennan reflects our strategic focus for growth by enhancing our sales channel with a leading manufacturer in the field,” Skip Tierno, vice president of sales at UCT FS U.S., said. “It marks a significant step in providing quality instrumentation solutions to industries across North America.”

To learn more about Brennan and its enhanced collaboration with Ham-Let, please visit www.brennaninc.com/hamlet/. Explore how this partnership strengthens Brennan's position and reinforces its commitment to delivering quality hydraulic, pneumatic and instrumentation solutions.

About Brennan Industries

Brennan Industries, Inc. is a leader in the world of hydraulic, pneumatic and instrumentation fittings, bringing decades of excellence to the industry. Brennan has consistently delivered high-quality and custom solutions with distribution centers strategically placed worldwide. Brennan's dedication to innovation and precision has established the company as a leading force in driving advancements in technologies related to hydraulics and pneumatics. To explore Brennan's extensive product range and learn more about its commitment to excellence, visit www.brennaninc.com.

About UCT Fluid Solutions

UCT Fluid Solutions develops, manufactures and distributes high-performance industrial flow control systems-connectors, fittings and valves for gases and liquids. With more than a half-century of experience supporting process control applications, UCT Fluid Solutions address the demanding requirements of a broad number of industries: semiconductor, power generation, chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical and more. UCT factories are equipped with the latest manufacturing and inspection technologies, enabling precise solutions for industry opportunities and encouraging innovation in the creation of new, advanced components and systems. 

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