Posted on May 22, 2019

Brennan Steel Topping Ceremony

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 Last Friday, Brennan Industries invited employees and partners to come celebrate the steel topping of the new corporate headquarters building. The steel topping part of the construction process signifies that the building has reached maximum height. 

 When Brennan Industries was founded in 1953, it was run out of the basement of founder Mike Brennan's home. The location in Solon, OH where the corporate headquarters building stands today was still farmland. Today we are proud to say that there are now 19 locations and over 500 employees. 

"My father had heard of this place called Solon. This property used to consist of a barn and a 2-way street. We bought the land, and in 1978 we moved in here." -Dave Carr

The new building will consist of a 23,200 square-foot addition to the existing structure and a remodeling of 6,400 square feet of office space. The initial 23,200 square-foot addition is expected to be completed by November 2019, and the final project is to be completed by April ­2020. This expansion will provide avenues to support future growth for the company.11

"I love construction. What construction means is that businesses are investing. They're investing in their workforce, in their employees, and our community is growing." -Mayor Kraus

On the day of the steel topping ceremony, guests were able to become part of the company's history by signing a steel beam that is to be erected in the new building. Both Dave Carr and Mayor Kraus came out to the event to speak about the growth that Brennan has seen over many years.  This growth opportunity would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the Carr family, the employees, and the partners who brought this project to life. We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has played a role in this expansion.




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