Posted on May 21, 2019

What is a Hydraulic System Leak Costing You?

While hydraulic connections that incorporate an O-ring face seal are the most reliable against leakage, it can still happen. Yet the cause is rarely the fitting itself. The primary contributors to hydraulic system leaks and how often they occur include:

  • Improper installation: 60%
  • Poor system design: 20%
  • Quality of components: 15%
  • System abuse: 5%

While causes of hydraulic system leakage are usually distinguishable after the fact, the result can be costly. Not just to equipment and downtime, but the loss of fluid can be significant. Consider an operation running 24-hours-a-day and hydraulic oil at $25 per gallon, the cost of leaking fluid alone can add up:

  • 1 drop every 1 minute = 50 gallons per year = $1,250
  • 1 drop every 10 seconds = 300 gallons per year = $7,500
  • 1 drop every 5 seconds = 600 gallons per year = $15,000
  • 1 drop every second = 3,000 gallons per year = $75,000

ORFS Fittings are the best line of defense against costly fluid leaks. 


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