Posted on December 05, 2019

International Flanges: JIS 4-Bolt

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JIS 4-Bolt Flanges are frequently used in fluid power systems. There are two pressure ratings: Type I Code 61 and Type II Code 62. 

As with DIN flanges, the unthreaded female port in a JIS flange has 4 bolt holes at the corners.  The male flanged head has holes to match the Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 9.44.07 AMport and a grooved recess for an O-ring.

The O-ring makes the seal between the flanged head and the flat surface on the port.  Threaded bolts are inserted through the 4 bolt holes to securely connect the flange to another mating flange or the flat surface of the port

Two pressure ratings for JIS 4-Bolt Flanges

Type 1 is similar in application to SAE Code 61.  However, like SAE Code 62, Type 2 JIS 4-Bolt Flange is the heavy-duty series.  Flange head diameters and bolt diameters are larger in the Type 2, and like DIN flanges, inch or metric bolts can be used.  This JIS B 8363 flange is also interchangeable with both DIN 20066 and SAE J518.

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 10.45.00 AM


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