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Posted on October 09, 2019

New DIN Cap & Plug Kits are Bigger and Stronger Than Ever

Ally Pulskamp
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Ally Pulskamp

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din cap and plug kit
We're excited to announce the release of our newly redesigned DIN Cap and Plug Kits! They're bigger and more durable than ever. The new case is made from stronger plastic, has a latching lid and a carrying handle for better portability. With our new cap and plug kits, you have the option of Standard or Expanded kit in both the Light and Heavy series, giving you 4 different options to meet your needs. 

Light Standard
(KT1005-DIN) din cap and plug kitIncludes the following sizes:

06L – M 12 X 1.5
08L – M 14 X 1.5
10L – M 16 X 1.5
12L – M 18 X 1.5
15L – M 22 X 1.5
18L – M 26 X 1.5
22L – M 30 X 2
28L – M 36 X 2

Light Expanded (KT1005-DIN-EXP)
Includes the same sizes as the Light Standard Kit plus:
35L– M 45 x 2 
42L –  M 52 x 2

Heavy Standard (KT1005H-DIN)

06S – M 14 X 1.5
08S – M 16 X 1.5
10S – M 18 X 1.5
12S – M 20 X 1.5
14S – M 22 X 1.5
16S – M 24 X 1.5
20S – M 30 X 2
25S – M 36 X 2

Heavy Expanded (KT1005H-DIN-EXP)
Includes the same sizes as the Heavy Standard Kit plus:
30S – M 42 x 2
38S –  M 52 x 2

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What's Inside? 

light inside

inside heavydin kit

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