Posted on April 04, 2022

Fittings 101 Social Media Contest

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We believe it's important to learn the basics of hydraulic fittings since they help contain and direct the flow of hydraulic fluid in the conductor. They prevent leaks and maintain pressure. Therefore, for April and May, we'll be testing your fitting knowledge by asking a series of questions. One winner will win a thread ID kit and be featured in our blog. You must fill in the form below and answer in the comment field or LinkedIn poll be entered and notified. 

Which type of fitting is also known as a compression fitting?
A. ORFS Fitting
B. Flareless Fitting
C. DIN Fitting
D. None of the above

What problems can occur when hydraulic system temperatures are too high or too low?
A. Hydraulic fluid and oil can get thicker
B. Hydraulic fluid and oil can get thinner
C. Accelerated wear and tear on system components
D. All of the above

Enter to Win

To enter the drawing, do the following: 

  • Add your answer to the comment section of the form below.
  • Share or comment using #BrennanUniversity2022 for an extra entry!
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Winner will be notified by filling in the following form. You must fill in the form to be notified. 

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